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Body Waxing

Body Waxing:

Full Body Wax


Basic Facial Cleansing

Cleaning, Mask, Hydration, Facial massage.

Deep Facial Cleansing

Cleaning, Exfoliation, Tonic, Ozone, Extraction Points, High Frequency, Galvanic Current, Microdermabrasion, Mask for moisturizing – reduce inflammation, Sunscreen.

Facial Rejuvenation


Botox® treatment can help your facial expression lines or wrinkles essentially disappear.


Flaccidity, Lines of Expression, Stains and Stains of Acne                                        Cleaning, Renovation Dead Cells

Facial Lifting with Radiofrequency

Wrinkles, Flaccidity, Stains Cleaning
RF on Face & Neck, Toning Mask, Facial Massage.

Facial Drainage: Indicated, Dark Circles, Blepharoplasty

Draining massage, lymphatic.

Facial Plaster: Tones, Hydrates, Nourishes Face

Cleaning, Plaster, Tensor Cream, Ultrasound

Galvanic Spa Facial

Lines Expression, Flaccidity, Dark Circles, Stains
Cleaning, Galvanic, Moisturizing Mask, Facial Massage

Vacuum Facial

Firmness, Elasticity, Tones
Cleaning, Vacuum, Hydration, Chromatherapy.

Facial Masks All Skin Type

Collagen, Nourishing, Toning, Moisturizing

Refrescantes, Tensoras, gold clay

Mesotherapy Alternative to facial virtual mesotherapy

Electroporosis, Active Ingredient, Tensor firming, Vitamin C, Nutrition.


Body Molding without Surgery

Cavitation: Destroys Localizated Fat Adipocytes Abdomen, Waist, Arms

Lymphatic Drainage, Cavitation, Toner

Ultrasound and Radiofrequency: Abdomen, Waist, Arms, Back

Lymphatic Drainage, UltraRf, Skin Tensioner.

Body Vacuum Therapy: Molding and Reduction of Measures in Abdomen, Waist, Arms, Back

Lymphatic drainage, Vacuum, Body Wrap, Abdomen Tension Creams

Yesoterapia: Reduce Measures, Abdomen, Waist, Arms

Exfoliation, Drainage, Plaster, Massage.

Hi-Therapy: Reduce, Tone, Abdomen, Waist, Arms

Drainage lin, Exfoliation, Hi-therapy, Massage, Passive Gymnastics

Virtual Mesotherapy.Corporal with electroporosis

Active principle, reducing, firming, toning, cellulite.

Thermotherapy: Reduce, Tone, Abdomen, Waist, Arms, Lymphatic drainage

Drainage, Exfoliation, Hot Sales.

Cryotherapy: Reduce, Tone, Abdomen, Waist, Arms

Drainage, Exfoliation, Cold Bandages.

Electrostimulation: Abdomen, Arms, Legs

Drain lin, Exfoliation, Therapy

Body wrap: Reduction, Abdomen, Arms, Legs

Exfoliation, Body Wrap, Massage

Post-surgical lymphatic drainage

Post-surgical lymphatic drainage

Cellulite treatment


Controls and Reduce Cellulites Flaccidity in arms, abdomen and legs
Drain lin, Exfoliation, Prisoner, Massage for Cellulite and Flaccidity.

Swedish Cup, Bodywrap, Massage


Passive Gymnastics:

Tones, Diminishes flaccidity, Lymphatic drainage
Exfoliation, Cryogenic, Gymnastics.


Deflates, tone and reduce cellulite.
Lin Drainage, Exfoliation, Hot Sales


Eliminates fat adipocytes in legs, Reaffirms and tonifies the skin. Stages 1,2,3, Cellulitis and Lymphatic Drainage
Exfoliation, Cavitation, Anti-Cellulite Massage, Roller

Ultrasound and Radiofrequency:

Cellulitis, Legs, Arms, Abdomen, Lymphatic Drainage
Exfoliation, Ultra RF, Cryogenic, Massage

Vacuum Therapy:

Vacuum drainage to remove cellulite, tone, correcting skin orange
Exfoliation, Vacuum, Sales, Massage.

Leg Plaster:

Reduces volume, Tonics, Control, Cellulite
Drainage, Exfoliation, Plaster, Massage.

Virtual Mesotherapy - Lymphatic drainage

Massage, virtual appliance – reaffirmate

Buttocks enhancement without surgery

Buttocks enhancement:

Enhances, Hydrates, Tonifies Buttocks, Lymphatic Drainage
Exfoliation, Gypsum, Lift Massage, Applying Firming or Toning Cream

Passive Gymnastics:

Tones, Enhances, Lymphatic Drainage
Exfoliation, Gymnastics, Reaching Massage

Vacuum Enhancement Cup:

Enhances, Tone, Lymphatic Drainage
Exfoliation, Vacuum, Enhancing Massage, Reaffirmation

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Relaxing Massages Body Moisturizing

Relaxing Massage, Hot Stones Anti Stress

Relaxing Prenatal Massage

Body Relaxation for the Pregnant Woman Starting at 4 Months of Grooming, Massage, Skin Hydration

Chocolate therapy

Anti Stress, Moisturize, Nourish, Relax whole body, Lymphatic Drainage Exfoliation, Chocolate Applies, Hydration, Relaxing Massage, Cocktail.

Body Exfoliation All Skin Type

Product Application, Hydration Massage

Pre-operative massage

Manual lymphatic drainage

Body Massage

Post Operative Lymphatic Drainage:

Manual and with Machine Massage, Drainage after aesthetic surgery, Lipo, Tummy Tuck, Breast, Buttock.
Lymphatic Drainage, Infrared – Ultrasound

Reducing massage:

Abdomen, Waist
Massage Manual Editor

Massage Therapy Reducer:

Abdomen, Waist, Legs, Lymphatic Drainage
Massage, manual massage, Maderotherapy, Passive Gymnastics to Tone up.


Tones, Reaffirms, Reduces Orange Skin
Lymphatic drainage, Exfoliation, Cold Sales, Massage

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